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Jon-Paul Cunningham

Hi everyone!, just wondering if I could ask a favour of everyone here, I bought a prop recently and had it shipped direct from the seller in the USA who worked on the movie and who I've bought from many times over the past 3-4 years and who I trust. The prop was a large 5ft section of 1/4th scale railing complete with Red Stern "Propeller Warning" sign which was used in the movie for the final plunge sequences. The peice is made of Brass painted white but faded and measures approx 12" x 5ft long and weighs a considerable amount. Basically it was sent in a box which was duct taped to another box with another 2 large curved peices of 1/4th scale railing given as a gift for buyign the main peice and only the curved box has arrived with the duct tape cut where the other main box would have been attached.

Basically I was hoping you guys could keep and ear and an eye out as its been clearly stolen and I'm sure there's a possibility it will crop up for sale somewhere on the internet.

There's only two of these on the planet and the seller still has the other one so I'll know when I see it that its mines and would be extremely grateful to whoever points me in the right direction if indeed it does surface on ebay or somewhere.

I've attached an image below of my missing piece which I paid alot for!

Any help would be great