Lost Voices from the Titanic by Nick Barratt.



I'd always understood this particular volume, through admittedly cursory research into the matter, as being one of the more well-respected offerings.

A quick flick through, however, revealed this photograph, bizarrely labelled as being Titanic:

IMG 20210613 191351

So, two questions: does anybody know which ship this is? I'm fairly certain it's either Lusitania or Mauretania looking at the lifeboat davits, promenade, and bridge wings. And, does anybody know why Barratt would include this? From what I've seen, he knows what he's talking about, so I'm confused as to why this would have made it into the volume. Perhaps an editor slipped it in, or maybe it's simply an error and he meant to say it was another ship -- it was, after all, included as an example of how mail baggage was loaded onto Royal Mail Steamers.