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Mark Febvre

Hi there!
I wonder if there is something true in the love story in the movie....
there is one girl (blonde) saying goodbye when the titanic leaves (in the movie) who seems to look like a girl that can be spotted in an original footage when the Titanic leaves; somebody knows who was that girl? Did she survive when the ship foundered?

James Smith

Dec 5, 2001
"Original footage?" I'm not aware of any original footage of Titanic's sailing day. If you're referring to the black-and-white segment in the beginning of the Cameron film, that was filmed during the making of the movie in 1996--using a 1912-era camera, however. This being the case, you may have seen the same actress in the black-and-white "original" scenes and the color "sailing day" scenes, since they were shot at about the same time.

Jim Smith

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