Lowe 'relative'

Inger Sheil

Think I might be dropping this bloke a line...perhaps there's a genuine confusion here? (and I wonder if there's a chance that they're talking about the 'other' Harold Lowe who was serving with the WSL at the same time?). At any rate, even aside from the date and place given for his death and the story about the captain's keys, there are a few problems with the story. Harold WG Lowe informed us that his father did not use the diminutive form of his name. It is true that Lowe did not appreciate discussions of the disaster, but his reaction to the subject when it was raised was not as extreme as that suggested in the article. He did discuss it with those close to him (most notably his wife - that much tallies with the article). Harold told his son the same story he told the inquiries - that the Browning automatic was his own weapon that he, a weapons enthusiast, had on board.

At any rate, thanks for bringing that to our attention, Michael. I was recently put in touch with some relatives that are connected with Ellen Marion Whitehouse, Lowe's wife, and have a family tree for the Whitehouses, so it should be fairly easy to establish if this individual is at all related.

~ Inger