Lowe's RD Medal

Ernie Luck

Nov 24, 2004
Hello Inger

I went to the National Archives at Kew a couple of weeks ago to try and find the issue record of the RD for Harold Lowe and Captain Smith. Unfortunately this Medal Roll is not indexed in their records.

I made a formal enquiry to the Archives and have received a reply to the effect that there is not a consolidated medal roll for this medal and what they have is incomplete. The 'London Gazette' or the Navy list was suggested as an alternative.

From my experience the search-engine for the London Gazette is quite poor - we have two examples of where we cannot locate an entry even though we have an approximate date. I am going to leave it there for the moment. Sorry I am unable to provide a date for Lowe's medal because I know you have a particular interest in him.

Regards Ernie

Inger Sheil

Feb 9, 1999
Hallo Ernie -

It is extremely kind of you to go to all that trouble - many thanks! I do believe I have data on the issuing in copies of his RNR records - at the very least I have an idea of the date. I'll dig it out and send it to you.

It is frustrating when records are incomplete - I have Lowe's RNR records from the time he was commissioned as a probationary Sub-Lieutenant (and if I didn't, I could have reconstructed some of the information from the Navy List), but unfortunately reconstructing his earlier RNR records from his days as a rating has hit the frustrating record gaps for the pre-WWI period. I've had some luck with some pre-WWI records for Titanic crew who had served as ratings before the war, but the bulk of these are gone.

All the best -


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