Lucas Szydlowski

Sep 15, 2017
Hello everyone, my name is Lucas Szydlowski and I'm 25 years old. I live in Aurora, Colorado and I have been studying the Titanic for 20 years now. Besides researching this iconic vessel, my other hobbies include drawing, swimming, playing guitar and bass, singing, dancing, reading science articles, video games, and watching YouTube videos (including content from Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, oompaville, etc.).

My interest in Titanic started when I first watched James Cameron's blockbuster just before I turned six. Since I was a child with autism (still autistic and proud of it), Titanic became my favorite obsession. I dedicated myself into memorizing every single detail about the ship and the story of its maiden voyage via books, documentaries, TV, and websites.

At one point, I tried to recreate the Titanic using Legos but I didn't have enough pieces to build what would have been an 8 or 10-foot model, so I had to build one that was 18 inches long instead. Still, I managed to impress my family and friends with my attention to detail along with my countless drawings of Titanic.

As a gamer, I'm a fan of the development team behind "Titanic: Honor and Glory" as far as them making the visuals and the history with such unsurpassed accuracy. I did audition for a voice acting role for the game and I'm still waiting for their feedback. I'm also a subscriber of The Titanic Channel.

I still have so much to learn about Titanic and other ships of the White Star and Cunard Lines, which is why I became a member and subscriber of Encyclopedia Titanic. I'll be looking forward to having informative discussions and exchange information in this wonderful community!


Lucas Szydlowski
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