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Paul Lee

Has anyone, either accidentaly, or deliberately, had a lucid dream about the Titanic? It is something I would love to do, as the dreams I have about her (usually the wreck) seem unreal because my subconscious mind knows theres something wrong about walking about on the hulk outside a submersible

A friend has done other lucid dreaming and suggests an almost inaudible tape playing, and hence reminding yourself that "this is a dream...this is dream...this is dream" in a loop. I thought that, through the other ear I could play the 4 hour long A&E Titanic documentary.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

Best wishes


Nick Rose

Actually i have. Teen Romance kinda dream. A while ago, I was conflicted about a few girls i like. I dreamed i was on the Titanic at 12:40 pm on the 14th of April. I escorted all but 1 girl i liked into lifeboats. I stood next to the officers quarters on the starbord bow waiting for the end and the girl i like(and currently dating) pops out of the grand staircase and i put her into collapseable C and she begs me to come with her and Murdoch lets me go. By being put on the sinking Titanic, i figured out who i want to be with. Is that the kind of dream your talking about perchance?
Nope. I've had my share of lurid dreams, but they had nothing to do with Titanic. I guess that gives me a leg up on the survivors who actually lived it. They had nightmares.
I haven't had lucid dreams about the Titanic...I've had what I suppose you could call waking visions...brief images, usually realistic. Although I do find it interesting that you mentioned walking around the wreck outside a submersible...I once tried working on a story where the main character had these kind of visions!!!

I'm curious...are your visions relatively straightforward, or do they have some surreal elements to them? I find this kind of topic rather interesting.

Brian R Peterson

Hi Kritina,

I have some shockingly realistic Titanic dreams where I wake up and swear I was there, these range from being on the ship before and during it’s sinking.

In all of my dreams I am a First Class passenger and occupy the same cabin, B-70, unfortunately I do not remember any specific details of the cabin decor, as most passengers likely did not.

I do recall several events, like being in the First Class Dining Saloon for meals and playing bridge in the Smoking Room among others.

When I witness the ship sinking, it is amazingly realistic and I am often jolted awake during it.

Most of these dreams or possibly visions are so eerily real to me, especially interaction with other passengers and crew, I feel almost as if I have been an actual passenger in another life sometimes.

Best Regards,

I have had vivid, realistic dreams of Titanic since I was a young boy. Usually at least once a month. The only time I have ever been truely "creeped out" by one was a long time ago. I was around 9 or 10 and my father took me to a THS convention as a birthday present. While there I was fortunate enough to have the honour and absolute pleasue of meeting Ms. Ruth Becker. She was very kind to me and I felt comfortable enough to tell her of my dreams. I told of my most recent in which I had been a third class passenger of Irish Origin. I knew this due to my heavy accent when I talked. In my dream, i was below decks as the ship began sinking. Myself and another young lad tried to make our way to the boats. On our journey, we passed through both the 2nd and 1st classes, amazed at the luxery and spleandor we saw. the "creepy" part came when I told her about passing through a room that (at that time) I had never seen a photo or drawing of, yet was able to describe in great detail. Ms. Becker remarked: "That's very interesting. You have just described the 2nd class lounge exactly the way I remember it." Needless to say, it made me shiver a bit. Then, later in life I came across something else that reminded me of this dream/vision. The name of a 3rd class passenger who perished on that sorrowful evening. An Irishman, by the name of Patrick Ryan. (thus my screen name) What is so interesting about that you ask? My real name is Ryan Patrick. My family is Irish. I taught myself to read reading about Titanic when I was 3 years old. (though admittadly was not a good reader until I was 4 or 5. Hee Hee!) And he was in 3rd class. I don't believe in past lives or reincarnation, but I DO believe in being Creeped Out!
I had a dream about a year ago in which I was floating in freezing water among lots of other people - no ship to be seen. Not pleasant. I put it down to too much white wine, a toasted cheese supper, and the fact that I had just discovered the ET site. I think we should get a grip here, guys.
Sounds to me like a good reason not to mix white wine with toasted cheese sandwiches. I suppose I've been lucky in that I've never had any dreams about Titanic at all. Well, none that I remember anyway.
"I think we should get a grip here, guys."

I'd be far more concerned about getting a grip on surviving the so-called modern world than any visions that might come about related to the Titanic. This present, far more hazardous to one's mental health, non?

It's not easy to say with any certainty what causes these "visions" or "pensees", but whatever is contained within them says alot about the person having these experiences. My recommendation for those who have these things happen to them, and who want to take them seriously, is to write them down and see if there's some sort of pattern emerging. Often, during a particularly stressful or curious time in one's life, dreams occur with certain themes in them. One of these themes can involve an interest. It's the mind's way of framing thoughts into a more familiar pattern, in order to try and make sense of what's going on.

And to be certain sure, it's not white wine and cheese sandwiches that cause these visions. Some of us don't drink, after all.
"Sounds to me like a good reason not to mix white wine with toasted cheese sandwiches."

As indeed you say, Michael. I have given up the toasted cheese sandwiches.
I once dreamt I was on Titanic the night of the sinking. It was 12.30 and they were putting people into lifeboats. I know what time it was because there was an ENORMOUS clock at the base of one of the funnels. The band was on the boat deck, playing, and some 40 to 50 people had actually pulled up chairs and were sitting in front of the band, listening to the music and smiling, applauding after every tune. The rest of the people on deck were running around in panic, fighting to get into lifeboats. I went into the wheelhouse and found Captain Smith there, sitting in an old wooden chair. There was an empty chair next to him, and of course I sat in it. I lit a cigarette and offered him one, which he kindly accepted. We were just sitting there, smoking, and then he asked me if I wanted to make a phone call, so my mother wouldn't worry. I told him I had until 2.20 to call her and he turned towards me and said, with a weird look on his face, "So you too know when she's gonna go down..." As I was getting ready to answer (I guess), someone banged on the door and I woke up.
This dream I had some 8 years ago, and I remember it as if it had really happened. Not exactly the best feeling in the world. I can't remember what I had eaten before going to bed, but I sure hope that whatever it is, they don't sell it anymore...

Happy Holidays to you all,


Wayne Keen

Fascinating. I have been reading recently about Lucid Dreaming as a technique.


Alexander John Cooley

I have dreamt that I was in 1st class and there were a couple of deck hands hassling a 3rd class woman in the wrong kind of way and so I have gone and rescued her and taken her to my cabin and I had my next door passenger neighbor Margret Brown make sure that she was alright which she was and told Margret about the situation and so Margret has taken her and fitted her out with a dress and she stayed with me during the night in another bed after dinner and after breakfast she told me that she was being missed by her family down in 3rd class so I had escorted her to her crowded cabin where she had 5 brothers and 3 sisters and her parents whom were all traveling to America to open a bakery which they had a little bit more than what was needed to open such a shop. So I have invited her to dinner for a date and her father reluctantly agreed to it so it was a half hour before dinner time and she was standing out on the poop deck in a really nice dress and so I had gone to her and escorted her to the reception room and there we talked and gibber jabbered and I asked about the business that her father was going to start and she told me that they had the plans to their success that would hopefully if successful would be making them at least 2nd class worth and eventually 1st class worth. And soon after dinner we had fallen in love with each other and I had kissed her on the forecastle deck the Saturday night before the Sunday and some how I had already known what was going to happen in the future so what I have done was that after dinner I have got her and her entire family up to my cabin and just had some time to get to know each other and some how I was business savvy and had helped tweak the business plans of theirs to be more successful and had given them some good advice and just 20 minutes prior to the burg we were out in the gymnasium having some fun and I had stashed in a closet during the morning some life jackets for my self and them and well we all were able to get off the ship as volunteers to man the ores which was much appreciated by the officer who was in charge of the boat.
We had got onto the Carpathia and we had stayed together and I had time kissed her right near the bridge of the Carpathia and two officers were clapping at us.

So that was a great dream of mine
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