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Sep 1, 1996
Lucile: Fashion. Titanic. Scandal

She came from Guelph. She dazzled the world. She survived the Titanic. Meet Lucile, Lady Duff Gordon, the fashionista of her day – inventor of the fashion show, creator of respectable scanty lingerie, and designer to the rich and famous. For the first time ever in Canada, see Lucile gowns, lingerie and accessories on loan from museums and private collections from around the world.

Lucile gowns, hats, and lingerie will be displayed in a room that evokes her Paris salon. In a second gallery,...

Kyrila Scully

Apr 15, 2001
South Florida
I"ve been collecting Tom Tierney historical "paper dolls" for years and he's only featured one of Lucile's gowns, and not the best one. I'd love it if Randy could collaborate with him on a book exclusively on Lucile fashions! They were so innovative for the time and rarely featured. I applaud you, Randy, for keeping Lucile's fashions alive. She was a fashion leader and yet she gets no "press" like Chanel or others of that era. It's a shame, considering what she contributed to the fashion world.

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