Lucille Polk Carter


Steven Allan

Can anyone verify whether Lucille Carter lived at 2900 St Paul Street in Baltimore Maryland before or after the disaster? Did she divorce "William" because he survived? The house still exists, and I want to incorporate any information in a talk on neighborhood history, if it is indeed true. Thanks in advance. Steven
Jan 31, 2001
Hello Steven,

"Mrs. Carter divorced Mr. Carter in 1914. He stepped into Collapsible C at about the same time his wife and children were being lowered in Boat No. 4. Like many male survivors, Mr. Carter was called cowardly and "unmanly" for having survived when so many other men had died. The shame of being married to a man who had escaped the Titanic may have been a factor in the divorce."

My Source: 882 1/2 Amazing Answers To Your Questions About The Titanic

The quote above was mentioned in the book's FAQ. Personally, I feel there were other factors in the divorce. However, many do believe this played a role in it. I'm not sure.