Lucy Latimer


Nathan Heddle

Has anybody heard of Lucy Latimer who was apperently a victim of the Titanic disaster.

I recently came across a book called "I died on the Titanic" which was about a woman who underwent hypnosis and said she was Lucy Latimer and related her Titanic experiences.

I can't find this woman anywhere, the closest I came was Mr Andrew Latimer, who was the Chief Steward.

Can anyone shed some light?
Michael H. Standart

Michael H. Standart

With a lot of Titanic books that came out, one can only say let the buyer beware. The problem with the paranormal is that it's a feild wide open for a lot of wishful thinking, self deception, and downright fraud. This tome appears to fall in one of those catagories if not all three.

Michael H. Standart