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Here is a tricky mystery I'm hoping someone can shed light on. I was talking yesterday with one of my supervisors at work. She had seen one of the Titanic specials on the Discovery Channel and said that one of the things she remembered most vividly about it was that amidst the items recovered from the deep, was a suitcase full of many personal items and letters. The letters, many to and from a loved one had a name which apparantly was nowhere to be found on the passenger list, even though she couldn't remember what the name was. She said according to the program, that the case, based on it's craftmanship and expense almost certainly was not that of a Third Class passenger and more likely came from 1st or 2nd. Also, due to the personal nature of the items inside, it could not have been part of a shipment of baggage sent ahead by passengers who did not themselves sail on the Titanic. One theory is the case could have been stolen from the rightful owner by someone or this man was a heretofore undetected case of someone traveling under an assumed name. Apparantly this case is part of one of the larger of the traveling exhibits and may be in Atlantic City, NJ in about a month.

Is there anyone who knows about this, or has seen the special who can explain if the identity of this man has ever been established?

The man was Howard Irwin. You can read all about him in the biography of Henry Sutehall, Jr. and the story attached to the bio.
The last I heard, the authors David and Barbara Shuttle were working on a book.

Thanks for the quick response. Though I couldn't remember Sutehall's name, when I heard this story I recalled reading of the man in Third Class who was also carrying his friend's luggage. In fact that's why I asked my supervisor if she heard what class the passenger was traveling in. By saying 1st or 2nd, I immediately set aside my idea of Sutehall and Irwin, but this is almost certainly the correct origin of this luggage.

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I've corresponded with the Shuttles (and am overdue in getting back to them) and Howard Irwin's journal from his round-the-world trip with Sutehall is amazing in its detail. He gives addresses of all the different places where they stayed as they worked their way around. I've been having fun visiting all the different spots where they worked and stayed and visited in Southern California.

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intresting that a suitcase was found if it was not the name of a passenger what was the name in the suitcase? and why was it not given?
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