Luigi Finoli


Gavin Bell

Can anyone tell me what became of Luigi Finoli after the disaster, and what his real age was in 1912. I have two ages for him -- 36 and 41. Anybody who can clarify this this contact me.


Cameron Bell
Rachel Boland

Rachel Boland

According to the Carpathia's written Passenger List of Titanic Survivors (which I have copies of), it lists his age as 29 years old. It also said he was a citizen of the US and his destination in the US was home to his wife Rosa in Philadelphia (the addy given was 706 Christian or Catherine St.)...I am assuming he went home. Probably someone in Philly will be able to provide more info on him.

Kathleen McNulty

Can anybody out there tell me or, indeed, drop me a hint as to the final whereabouts of Mr Luigi Finoli? I have tracked him down to be still living in the USA as of 1943: checking his biography on this website and seeing a photograph of him taken around that approximate time I believe I may be right but I can find no further trace of him -- anyone help?

Many thanks in advance


Pat Moffa

Luigi Finoli - looking for any information on him. My husband's grandfather was Luigi Finoli - married to a Rosa Ciccone and lived in Philadelphia. We have been told it is him and then someone also said it was not a Luigi Finoli from Philadelphia but from Italy. Any information would be greatly appreciated. The family would like to know if our Grandfather was on the Titanic.
Thank you