Lusitania 103rd Anniversary

Dec 23, 2017
A little early on the matter but i thought id start a thread compiling all the stuff happening for the anniversary.

So far there is a new Documentary on it, and yes its as bad and "theory based" as you can think. Even without me being able to understand it, it has a real crappy animation that does not even have the right number of lifeboats, can see a guy drawing bubbles around Churchill's name, can see that there are revisiting the cargo hold exploding (was 100% disproved over 20 years ago) and just over the top dramatic
My animation was going to be coming out on the 6th but might release it this afternoon due to this doc coming out.

Still can believe its been three years since the 100th!



I saw the impressive lifeboat davit that was recovered from the wreck. Here is a video I made to commemorate the anniversary.

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