Lusitania & Mauretania Books

I already have the Mark D Warren editions of Engineering souvenir issues of Lusitania and Mauretania.

I'm now wondering whether to get the Shipbuilder reprint, entitled "Ocean Liners of the Past - Lusitania and Mauretania". Is it worth getting - I mean, is there anything in this book that's not covered in the Warren books? Like better images, clearer drawings etc.

Many thanks
I believe the new reprint might be on better paper than the one I have - also has more information, mainly about the Mauretania.
I have another question - has anyone bought the 2010 version of Lusitania - an Illustrated Biography - is this worth getting, also I believe Eric Sauder has published Lusitania the ship and her record - how would I get this, his links do not work.