Lusitania Model II

Here is a picture of my model lusitania which i converted from a mauretania model i took a picture of it floating and added steam to it what do you think?
Cut and paste from what I posted at TRMA:

"Another Lucy question"

I have a question about windows on the shelter deck and other lower decks of the Lusitania: I modeled them with filigree, based on scrutinization of a very blurry reprint of a Ken Marschall painting in the Dunsmore / Ballard book. So I'm not entirely sure these windows are accurate for this part of the ship (Second Class quarters) or if I should be modeling windows more along the "double pane" mode (sorry, I'm at work and don't have a photo on this machine to illustrate what I mean).
Work continues on this project, albeit at a snail's crawl. The Prom Deck is basically finished, all that is left now is the bridge and the Sun and Boat decks.

I post these images to invite critiques, so all honest criticism is welcome. Thx.

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