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Lusitania model

Discussion in 'Models' started by Tom Lear, Oct 20, 2003.

  1. Tom Lear

    Tom Lear Member

    Turns out I started on a model of the Lusitania a while back. It's a long story why I never finished, but I intend to some day. Her, the Normandie, and the Yamato.

  2. Jim Kalafus

    Jim Kalafus Member

    Tom- How is the Normandie model going? I have subsequently come across many exterior shots for you to work with if you need them
  3. Tom Lear

    Tom Lear Member

    Hey Jim -

    Well - to try and make a long story short....

    About two months ago I got sucked into a web page project that ate up all my spare time, and only now am I managing to extricate myself. Hopefully in another three weeks or so I can pick up where I left off.

    I did a VR pano of the cargo deck as a sort of test, and am working with someone to try and import it into Flash and see if it works. If we can pull that off then I know I have a format to create a 3d VR tour of the ship.

    I also got some new software yesterday that lets me create very realistic oceans, so I want to play around with it - float the Normandie and see how well I can make her sail, so to speak. Maybe come up with some kind of intro movie, kind of like a cruise ship commercial but hopefully not too commercial.

    As for photos, I'm still looking for any detail shots of the top of the wheelhouse, and what sort of instruments were positioned up there.
  4. Jim Kalafus

    Jim Kalafus Member

    I have a couple but they are under copyright. If you wish, send me your email via my address as shown in my profile, and i can send them.
  5. Alec Barker

    Alec Barker Member

    Hi Tom,
    if you ever want to actually 'sail' your model, download Virtual Sailor http://www.hangsim.com/vs
    Great game! And it is designed to be flexible, in otherwords, the members model their own boats, and upload them to websites!
    people can then download these boats and sail them!
    I am currently re-modeling the RMS Titanic model, to form her younger sister, the HMHS Britannic.
    if you need any help with exporting these files into a VS compatible format (.x), I am sure I can help you.
    All the best, and keep up the great work!
  6. Tom Lear

    Tom Lear Member

    Thanks for the heads-up. How does this game handle hi-polygon models? since I reckon there must be a good quarter-million or so already on the Normandie, and I'm only 3/4 finished, at best.
  7. Alec Barker

    Alec Barker Member

    Hi Tom,
    well, I have been supervising a boat modeler make the RMS Olympic... We reached the maximum ammout of polys that VS can cope with, thats about 40,000 polys.... in otherwords, ALOT!
    If you were to make a VS friendly version, you would want nothing in the hull, and nothing in the superstructure except from a 100% modeled bridge, and maybe some rooms behind it...
    e-mail me at alec@jensen-barker.com with some pictures and things, I am sure we can come to a conclusion.
    Great work anyways! Keep it up!
  8. About 15 years to late but if anyone has a decent Lusitania model that they are willing to share i would consider making a real time sinking animation for it
    (Great model by the way :D)
  9. Jakob Sweeney

    Jakob Sweeney Member

    I am in the process of making a Lusitania model so I may be able to provide a model for the animation!
  10. Really? When its done show us some screens as it be cool to see it!

    Can see updates in the mean time over here Real-Time Lusitania Sinking