Lusitania model

I am about to receive a Lusitania model manufactured by Gunze. And I would appreciate any help with the following problems I have.

Does anybody know what colour to paint the Lusitania`s funnels. Most people alsways refer to Cunard red for the funnels. But I have also read that Cunard red is incorrect, the correct colour is Orange like todays "international orange"

I am now confused as to what colour to use!

Secondly what colour do I paint below the waterline?

Thanks to anyone who can assist!
My husband got a blue ribbon for this ENTEX Lusy-the funnel red is a sort of orangey-red. He darkened it a bit in patches and made the funnels look sooty. Tops are black as you can see, with Cunard black bands. Below the hull is sort of a rusty red. This discolored a bit over time and submersion. Here's a photo.