Lusitania Model

Tom Lear


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I need documentation! I'm past the Normandie (I hope) and now I'm trying to model the Lusitania in 3D, but came to China before I could really get started on my research. All I have is the Ballard book, the Preston book and the Shipbuilder Vol. I

I've already been through the internet with a fine-toothed comb, visited every Lusitania-related site I could find, trying to find every last exterior shot I could. Still a lot of missing details that need to be filled in, though. Anyone who wants to help, I'd be very grateful. Thx!
Nice! Really nice! But, I think your funnels are the wrong color. They should be much closer to a lightly roasted orange - someone out there , I can't recall who, has a chip of paint from Mauretania stacks and it is (I got them wrong too in my paintjob below). My .02. Check out my little model - I took a new Albatross diecast of Mauretania with a severely bent U-shaped foremast, straightened that out with great care over several days by gently pulling my fingers up it as if trying to lift the model by the tip of the mast - and handfinished it with enamels, balsa wood, graphite, glue..etc. The first pic is of the model as received, the second is as complete and the third is a detail. I added the crows nest, the rust and a heck of a lot of little details like those in the forecastle and others that don't show in these scans.




The Marschall/Sauder compilation seems like a pamphlet of excessive reality it's one of the finest of the LUSITANIA works...strewn with photographs...and the epilouge is...

...rather heartbreaking...

Nice job Eric, as for your extreme lower photo...
...torpedo off the starboard bow Cap'n Turner...

Michael Cundiff