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Following on from the post about the Mauretania below, I had a look at the Ocean Liners of the Past 1970 reprint of the Shipbuilder which is supposed to cover the Lusitania and Mauretania. However, only abou 10-20 pages are about the Lusitania and the rest, including the description of the Passenger accommodation, is exclusively of the Mauretania.

Was there a shipbuilder number that describes the Lusitania's interiors in detail? It would be interesting to find out what companies provided the interiors; which were quite different from the Mauretania's.

The Mauretania certainly did look palatial inside, she may not have been as big or as spacious as the Olympic and Titanic, but the woodwork is certainly very pompous and ornate. The second class dining saloon appears to be more intricately carved than the Olympic's. The enclosures in the first class smoke room look very cosy.

Which was more luxurious: the Lusitania or the Mauretania. I hear there was something of a rivalry between the two ships because, despite them being of the same basic design, the Lusitania was Scottish while the Mauretania was English, albeit from Geordie land.

Jan 7, 2002
There was no special sovenier Shipbuilders book dedicated to Lusitania, thought there was a very nice one dedicated to Mauritania. Mabey they felt those ships were too similar. The 1970s reprint simply took a writetup of the Lusitania from an issue of Shipbuilders, and blended it with the Mauretania shipbuilders.

Keep an eye out for the original Lusitania Engineering book- Now thats a rare find.

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