Lusitania Third Class Cabin

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Brian R Peterson

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Here is my depiction of a Third Class cabin on Lusitania


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Nice pic brian, that is exactly how a third class cabin looked, though the colors might have been a little different, thats no big deal though. I have seen pics of Lusitania's and Mauretania's third class rooms in Stephen Fox's Ocean liner book (i cant remember the title, do have it though in my collection though, my memory isnt very good) and also in Ballard's & Dunnmore's Exploring the Lusitania, the Third class rooms on both ships actually look pretty comfy, nowhere near as luxurious as 1st or 2nd class, though a great improvement over ships of the past, and after comparing some photos id say better than Third Class on titanic & Olympic and Imperator & Vaterland (though Imperator and Vaterland come in at close 2nd).
I can't seem to find any third class bedroom stewards. Perhaps the Cunard Line didn't have that category? The White Star Line did, at least on the Titanic. Does anyone know more?

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Looking at the list of Crew duties in OLP: Lusitania & Mauretania: the Purser's Staff of 376 included: 3 Pursers; 1 Chief steward; 4 Leading stewards; 2 Matrons; 40 Cooks, 2 Bakers; 305 Stewards and 10 Stewardess. - No Class breakdown is given.
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