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Russell Smith

Jul 23, 2008
I went through the other "Las Vegas" thread and didn't see the Luxor Resort & Casino specifically mentioned, so I started this one. Admin can combine them if so desired.


The largest piece ever recovered of the Titanic goes on display at the Luxor Resort & Casino August 26, 2008 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The 15-ton, 15-by-30 foot portion of the ship's hull will be housed in the 'Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition' at the resort.

Photo essay here:

The site is a bit slow, but if you click on the thumbnail a larger picture will appear beneath it. You can also click on the small projector screen in the lower right hand corner for a full screen slideshow.​
Jul 8, 2017
On Monday April 15, 2019, the 107th anniversary of the sinking, I visited Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition Las Vegas at Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. A sprawling, mammoth display of over 200 artifacts, lifted from 2.5 miles deep, as well as a startling recreation of "The Grand Staircase, and "The Big Piece," the largest recovered artifact from Titanic: A 15 ton chunk of the starboard side. Haunting, poignant, sad, it was a great experience! And to see it on the actual anniversary made the visit even more special! (Even the calendar matched up: Titanic sank on Monday April 15, 1912; I viewed the exhibit on Monday April 15, 2019.)

Don't you just love Encyclopedia Titanica? It sure is fun having a place for "Titanic Geeks" to hang out and chat :)

Titanic Exhibit
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