Mackay Mansion

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Hello All. Using Web TV, I finally put together a small tour of this mansion that the Mackay family once resided in, located in Virginia City Nevada.
Hope you like it!
John William Mackay was born in Dublin Ireland, 1831 and died in 1902. He immigrated to the United States in 1840. In 1859 he joined the rush to Nevada, where silver had been discovered. He was married, but at the time of his stay in Nevada, his wife and child(ren) lived in Paris, and finally moved to New York. He and J. G. Fair, later joined by William Shoney O'Brien and J. C. Flood, acquired control of valuable silver mines, which yielded them great fortunes. With James Gordon Bennett he founded (1883) the Commercial Cable Company and laid two submarine cables to Europe. Later (1886) he organized the Postal Telegraph Cable Company.

28 Jun. 1879. NV: Humboldt Co: Peoples Advocate newspaper reported: John Mackay's income is $11 per minute or $16,438 per day.

For a picture of the Cable Ship Mackay-Bennett see:

For more on the recovery effort of the cable ship see:

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Thanks for pictures, and the greetings from the little tot! It looks like the chandeliers may have had gas jets previously. Is Virginia City closer to S. Cal. as opposed to N. Cal? If you get up my way you might want to check out the John Muir mansion, the Union Pacific Club (formerly the James Flood mansion), and the Lafayette Park area. It looks like the Mackay mansion is in sort of a lonely desolate area . . . am I wrong on that?
Hi Jan. The Mackay Mansion is in the heart of Virginia City Nevada. The Capital is Carson City and the little town is up in the mountains. Yes, the lights did have gas jets originally.
~You~ are probably 200 miles from it. Through Sacramento to Hwy 50, through Lake Tahoe into Carson City. (Mike, did I get that right?)
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