Made In Belfast Festival 2007

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Hello All
I'm going to the 2007 'Made in Belfast Festival' starting 05 April. I have been invited to give a talk on the Ismay Family and it's part in Titanic / White Star Line. I expect to be there from 06 April to 08 April and wondered if any other ET members are planning to be there.

Best wishes
Cliff Ismay
Clifford, I don't know if any ET members will be there but I'd be surprised of a few didn't show up, even if they make no announcement of the fact. I'd love to go, but I don't live in the U.K. and can't afford the trip. If you take some photos, I hope you post them on your website with a link to the page.
If things go right, I will be there.

Clifford, when and where will your lecture take place? I do not remember reading about it in the tour booking form.

(Right now I wonder which is the best way to travel in two days from Germany to Northern Ireland)
Michael, I will be there for two days with the option of a third day, so I expect to get the chance to take some photos and I will be pleased to make them available to you.

Dieter, I'm not sure yet which day I will be speaking but it should be Sat. 06, or Sun. 07 April. I'll confirm that later. Don't know when you received your booking form but I only agreed to go to Belfast about two weeks ago so it is very munch an eleventh hour thing. I hope to get the chance to meet you there.

Best wishes
Cliff Ismay
the time you give is between 'Home of the Titanic from the River' and the 'Drawing Office/Slipways/Nomadic/Thompson Dry Dock and Pump House' tour in my tour booking form.
Where will you be? I assume City Hall, but please confirm this.
I am looking forward to seeing you there.
I'm wondering if there are two events organised at around the same time. 'The Belfast Titanic Convention' website makes no mention of speakers around that time but if you look at the 'Go Belfast' website its a different story. Here is a long link.,snip

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Did you notice the deliberate mistake? Its Sunday the 8th not 7th. The talk is listed as 'Reception Hall, City Hall'

Cliff Ismay

I had intended to be there as normal. However due to sickness, I will have to remain at work an extra week due to sickness. I will hopefully be back in Belfast on the 9th April, I could have shown you Comber, home of Thomas Andrews and my Grandfather.

I know you will enjoy Belfast.
I had hoped that you would be there and also hoped the I could meet you, but these things can't be helped. I am going to be in Belfast until Tuesday evening but I realise that you will be busy.
This is my first trip to Belfast and I have a feeling it won't be the last.


stephen booth

Cliff are you related to the Ismay family or is it a coincidence that your surname is the came as one of the founding fathers of Ismay Imrie and Co ? .
There are others who are more closely related to Thomas Henry Ismay than I; but my family is thought to be the closest relation to THI which has the Ismay surname.

Clifford how did your talk at the Belfast City Hall go? I'm sure that Una + all the friendly Belfast folk gave you a warm welcome. Had hoped to visit the exhibition but it wasn't to be for this year.
Sorry you couldn't make it this year. The talk went very well, but there were only around 35 people turned up to hear it. That said, there was some confusion over the time, and title of the talk as Deiter is painfully aware.
A very, very warm welcome was given by Una and other organisers of the event as well as all the Belfast folk I met along the way. All this made it a very enjoyable four days and I hope that it won't be too long before I'm in Belfast again.
I'm going to upload some pictures onto my website when I get the chance and will post a link when it's ready.
Look forward to seeing the photographs on your website Clifford and delighted to find that you enjoyed your visit to Northern Ireland.
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