Maggie Madigan - An Irish Immigrant's Dreams Unfulfilled

You can find an interesting story of how this discovery of Maggie Madigan all happened at my (Mike Madigan's) web site for my trio the Sharecroppers of Newfoundland . It's an amazing story and even more interesting that my great grandfather John Madigan was born in the same town as Maggie Madigan - Askeaton, Co Limerick Ireland. Good thing great grandpa John didn't also take the Titanic or I might not be writing this today. All the best -Mike Madigan
My name is Richard Madigan. Maggie is my great great grand aunt on my mother's side. My mother -maiden name Shea - is daughter to Nora - maiden name Madigan and niece to Maggie Madigan. I found this article by chance and had a nice discussion with my mother and father. My father, John Madigan, is of the Limerick Madigans and not directly related to the Madigans of Askeaton. In his words, at the time Maggie Madigan left Ireland, there were approximately 500 houses with the name Madigan between the west of Clare County and of Limerick.