Maiden Voyage Landfall Timings

Paul Rogers

Jun 1, 2000
West Sussex, UK
Hello chaps and ladies.

I hope this isn't a duplicated thread. After some reading regarding the start of Titanic's maiden voyage, I noted that various timings are given for her landfalls in Cherbourg and Queenstown (Cobh) as follows:

  • Left Southampton at 12:00pm Greenwich Mean Time (or just after)
  • Arrival at Cherbourg at circa 6:35pm
  • Left Cherbourg at 8:10pm
  • Arrival at Queenstown the next morning at 11:30am
  • Left Queenstown at 1:30pm

My question relates to the timings given and whether they were ATS (Apparent Time Ship) timings, or the times of the countries in question, or possibly all GMT.

I found that British Summer Time didn't exist before May 1916; hence the 12:00pm departure time from Southampton must be GMT.

France in April 1912 was on Western European Time (WET), which was an hour ahead of GMT. Therefore, is it right to assume that the arrival/departure times to/from Cherbourg were WET, or were they ATS or GMT?

Queenstown in April 1912 was on Dublin Mean Time (DMT), which was 25 minutes behind GMT. Again, are the arrival/departure times ATS, DMT or GMT?

Thanks for any responses, in anticipation.

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