Maiden Voyagesthe good the bad and the ugly

Feb 14, 2011
Titanic clearly had a horrific maiden did the Swedish warship Vasa..Both sank before reaching port....

The QM2 seems a fine ship, but Jim's postes suggest at this point, service needs a great deal of work.
This makes me wonder..Does anyone have an idea how smooth-or rough were the maiden voyages of the other great liners?

How was the maiden voyage of the QE2?

The maiden voyage of the United States seemed to have been problem free.

Queen Elizabeth (1) never had a proper maiden voyage, as she entered service in wartime secrecy...

The France (1912) has a rather subdued maiden voyage, as she arrived on the heels of the Titanic sinking. Plus she rolled like a log, even in calm seas...

The Aquitania reached port shortly after the Empress Of Ireland went down so i suspect her voyage was subdued.
Anyone know of any ships that had disasterous maiden voyages (other than Titanic); where power or plumbing failed, or the ship hit a force 12 hurricane?

Any maiden voyages now legendary as they went on without any problems? I suspect the Normandie had a glorious maiden voyage.

This could be fun-
What are concidered the 5 worst maiden voyages (for ocean liners), and the 5 best?

naturally # 1 for the worst was Titanic.
Homeric was never a popular ship..I doubt her first voyage as a White Star liner was that memorable...

For the best, I would pick either the Normandie or the Queen mary (1)
Id put Olympic at # 3.

What do you all think?


tarn Stephanos

Bob Godfrey

Nov 22, 2002
Royal Mail Line's Magdalena, a 17,000-ton passenger/cargo liner, made her maiden voyage to Beunos Aires in 1949. So far, so good, but the homeward run ended on the Tijucas Reef. Like Titanic, she broke in two and the stern remained afloat longer, in this case long enough to run ashore, where it was sold for scrap.

Andrew Johnston

''The Zenobia is a huge, 10,000 tonne modern ferry and has been a popular dive since she SANK ON HER MAIDEN VOYAGE in June 1980. The wreck has claimed a number of lives, and witnessed some dramatic rescues, as divers feel inclined to swim into the huge interior of the ship, without realising how easy it is to get lost.''

John DeLoache

Jun 3, 2004
The Italians in the 30's didn't have a good run. On their maiden voyages The Rex experienced turbine troubles and eventually most of the passengers left the ship and moved to French liners, then the Conte De Savoia blew a hole in her hull that nearly sank her.

Later in the 60's the French were embarrassed when the Flanre experienced such engine troubles that the ship finished her Maiden crossing by tow.

John DeLoache

Jun 3, 2004
I would tend to disagree slightly as to the success of the Normandie's maiden voyage. Even though QM didn't take the Blue Riband from Normandie on her maiden voyage the Normandie suffered from terrible vibration caused by inferior blades on the screws.

As for successful Maiden voyages I would say the Ile De France, and the Mauritania & Lusitania Then QM, Normandie, Aquitania, Olympic

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