Maison Lucile in Paris


Vitezslav Ivicic

I am going to Paris next friday and I was wondered if the "Maison Lucile" on Rue de penthievres still stands. I have not found anything about this street but I've heard something about a house in 14, Avenue de Bois de Boulogne. Maybe is this a new name of the street? When I will be in Paris, I would like to see this house and also the Pavillon Mars in Versailles. Could anybody help me?

Good News!!!
I just heard from a friend of mine, that Pavillon Mars has just been completely renovated, and is looking really smart once more. It has lovely smart trellis, and wisteria, a chic grey restored frontage, and a beautiful inscribed name-plate over the door.

The Rue De Penthievres shop however was demolished and the location is now a terrible apartment block with garage doors on the ground floor. I don't think any of the other original shops survive, which is really sad. :-(
Both Hanover Square houses are gone. I think they might have been bombed. Hanover Square is quite nice, with a lovely small park in the centre.:)
Hanover Square, with Oxford Street on one side and Bond Street on another, bears little resemblance nowadays to the place in which Lady Duff Gordon set up shop. Just as in its better-known neighbours, Berkeley Square and Grosvenor Square, most of the lovely eighteenth century houses (one of which played host to the Maison Lucile) have been torn down and replaced with office blocks and flats.

However, an important link with fashion remains; the square (a two minute walk from where I'm typing this email) is now the home of Vogue House, the Conde Nast headquarters, where all sorts of glossy magazines are put together. Hence the rather glamorous girls one sees walking around during their lunch hours. I'm sure Lady Duff Gordon would have approved...
I would agree about the glamourous girls!!! A friend of mine works for Vogue, and I got to visit the archive at Vogue house, which was amazing.

Also; GOOD NEWS! , there is a bit of one of the Lucile shops still round the corner. The frontage was left, even though they tore down the back. :)