Majestic's fittings

Does anyone know where the Majestic's interior fittings ended up when she was converted to Caledonia and after that when she was scrapped? I have tried researching but was not able to find much information on this...
Several years ago I remember visiting the Ontario Science center with my parents. It was the first time I had gone and there and I immediately asked the person at the ticket booth if there were any Titanic films playing on in the building's massive IMAX theatre, to which he replied with a polite no.

The things is, I also remember seeing a poster while walking through the center's various hallways that showed a large ship, on it's bow were the letters MAJESTIC. I also remember walking into one of the exhibit rooms and seeing a very large propeller, about the height the entire room (2 stores) though I didn't care too much for it at the time.

Several years later, I now know what the MAJESTIC (II) was and I was wondering if anyone knows if the propeller I saw on that day did indeed belong to the Majestic or if it was simply just a random propeller hauled in by the OSC's work crew.

(As with any other threads I have created, if this topic was already discussed by other members of the forum, I apologize for the duplicate thread, I do not mean to cause unneeded cluttering of the forum's many threads)