Making Up Passengers

HI all! i'm a HUGE fan of Titanic and I love making up disaster stories with made up ships and passengers. I would appreciate it a lot and would have lots of fun if you all could make up your own passenger(s) and give me a description of him/her/them like job,age,nationality... etc. Then please tell me what class he/she/they would be in. Thank you very much and have a good day!
Hey Charlotte,

This is so funny that Im doing this. Well here it goes. Hmmmmm names......Olivia Winthrop and Johnathan Clyde are moving to America from England because Olivia is cheating on her husband Robert lol. Ummmmmm they are traveling First Class and ummm thats it!
Thank you but could u also say age,job. thanks so much ur a great help and could u do me 1 more favor and tell lots o people on this website to come to my thread? Well thank you and have an awesome day!
I would really appreciate it if everyone could try my thread. If would help me a lot and you all could have a lot of fun, and I would as well. Well if you can not help that is okay. But if you can please do. Thank you all very much, especially Sahand for responding.

Charlotte Immel :)