Man in Woman's Shawl


In reference to the incident of Office Lowe discovering a man in a woman's shawl while transferring passengers on the lifeboat, I recall reading a few years ago that the man did not use the disguise to get off the ship, but rather that once he was in the lifeboat, a female passenger gave him the shawl as she could see he was visibly chilled. I can't recall what book or article provided this information. I seem to recall it coming from Don Lynch in some form, but am not sure.

Does anyone know where this information can be referenced?


That was probably 3rd Class passenger Daniel Buckley. You can read his testimony here: TIP | United States Senate Inquiry | Day 13 | Testimony of Daniel Buckley (Third Class Passenger, SS Titanic)

Thank you, Bob. My apologies for my delay in expressing my gratitude. I have also found some other accounts of male passengers boarding lifeboats and when officers asked them to leave, female passengers aiding to hide or disguise them so they could remain in the lifeboat.
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