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I am on the staff at Back-to-Titanic and this was posted in our guestbook. Can anyone here help him?


Name: john wilcox
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Comments: Are there any memorabelia collectors who may hav e ncountered,or know of a pair of large stained glass windows to the memory of a CREW BOY from the TITANIC,He was Fred Humby,he was a boy from the Watts Naval School,where he trained in seamanship etc,This school was a Dr Barnardo Home,The windows were taken from the school church after it closed in the mid 1950s,stored in Dr Bs at Barkingside,then they went missing,the windows may be in another church,or bought by a collector,The Old Boys Committee would dearly like to know they are in a GOOD HOME,we DONT want them back,just news of their whereabouts for sentimental reasons,Any info please to me,or Reg Trew,PO.Box 20,Barnardo's,Tanners lane,Barkingside,Essex. 901865 714616 Thanks ) JWW