Man who could smell icebergs

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Hello fewllow message board members! Greetings from a long lost board member. I have some interesting questions to ask I read a story about a man who claims to be able to smell icebergs. I dont remember where I read it at. My questions are these. Was there such a person? If so, who was he? Why wasnt onboard the ship? If he had been there, could he have in some way, prevented the disaster all together? Any info on this would be appriciated. thanks
Titanic lookout Reg Lee -

2662. You knew that ice was about?
Lee –You could smell it.

Titanic lookout George Symons -

11340. – My mate [Archie Jewell] turned round from time to time and said, “It is very cold here.” I said, “Yes; by the smell of it there is ice about.”
He asked me why, and I said, “As a rule you can smell the ice before you get to it.”
11341. You thought you could?
Symons – Yes.
The person I am looking for wasnt a passenger or crew member. This person I think ,was an offical with the White Star Line. If anyone else has info, please let me know
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