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Laura Stevenson

hi. im doing a report on William T. Sloper from New Britain Connecticut. He was first class survivor who got on lifeboat #7, but later was rumored to have dressed as a woman. does anyone have any info. on him?

Pat Cook

Apr 26, 2000

According to Sloper's own account (and I have also read this in other books) he refused to give an interview to a newspaper man, who then MADE UP the story to discredit Sloper and get back at him for not allowing the interview.
Sloper goes on to say that he had since heard of others that this 'stigma' became attached to.
Ironically enough, on another topic, we have been discussing Daniel Buckley who freely admitted at the U S Senate hearings that a shawl was placed on his head after he entered a lifeboat (which one is the crux of the discussion), which allowed him to 'pass for a woman'.
Hope this is of some help.

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