Many greetings from the Wkra valley


Sep 14, 1998
Many greetings, my name is Ada.

My forebears owned narrow-gauge railways and soap factories, but not a single ship. Some led armies, yet none ever served in the navy. I am not an Edwardian expert of ocean going navigation, nor a cruise ship mogul. For a living I just shuffle legal papers back and forth at a financial institution.

So, what am I doing here?

Well, my adventure with the oceans started when at the tender age of 8 I had inherited Milewski's "Martitime Dictionary" from my gramps. A bit corny, but that was the first step, over the years many more had followed. At this point I know far more about the Imperial Russian Navy or the South Pacific than about Edwardian transatlantic commercial passenger lines. But that is now changing.

What brought me to research the White Star Line was ironically, a family connection (yes, the family that never owned a ship etc. Life is weird, ne?)

So here I am. I hope my questions will prove less silly and annoying than I expect them to be.