March 2004 Japanese Sub Sank Titanic

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Everyone's favorite tabloid- the Weekly World News has had many Titanic stories over the years, and this week there is yet another Titanic scoop- this time it is suggested Titanic was torpedoed and sunk by a time traveling Japanese submarine.

I always suspected as much, but hands down THE best Titanic revelation in Weekly World News was that Capt Smith was in fact a woman.....

Ah yes, the Weekly World News...It claims Bat Boy escaped yet again, and a time traveling transgengered person impregnated himself and was thus his/her own mother and father...
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tarn Stephanos

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Trent Pheifer

Hey Tarn,

I am not sure if it was Weekly World or not, but I seem to remember an article where some one had found two gay lovers in a Titanic life-ring! Or the story about the people who lived on the iceberg that sank Titanic! My mom just recently brought an article home claiming the Titanic wreck had dissappeared...they even had pictures to prove it! Some crazy stuff these people come up with, always interesting.

HAHA-These articles never cease to make me laugh. I missed the Capt. Smith as a woman article...but several years I remember reading that Capt. Smith was spotted swimming in the North Atlantic by some fisherman
How can you have pictures of something that is 'missing' LOL

Now, I have to say I was partial to finding the 2 KKK skeletons in the Titanic Lifering clinging to a burnt cross.

For a woman, the good Captain sure grew a mean beard! Wonder if his wife and daughter knew?
These guys have been smoking way too much of some really potent whacky weedus, even for the Weekly World News.

Jason D. Tiller

We can't forget the story about the baby that was found alive in a life ring, dressed in 1912 clothes and crying for it's mother.

These stories never fail to make me laugh either.

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Nick Rose

Heres some quotes i laughed at. I also posted it on the TRMA website.


Whos going to believe that?

"The Titanic didn't hit an iceberg: it was laid down by a Japaneese torpedo fired from a submarine halfway around the world--31 years in the future."

They said that the torpedos got caught in a time warp and were sent to the North Atlantic.

"The evidence we have found is inrrefutable. A physical torpedo, unexploded and bering Japaneese markings specific to the WW2 era, is still lodged in the ship"

If the torpedo went down with the ship, would markings be visable?

"Repeated runs of advanced computer models tell us over and over again that the ship wouldn't have broken apart after hitting an iceberg, regardless of the iceberg's size or Titnaics trajectory or speed."

Why would it. The Titanic split because the weight of the stern and the Aft Grand Staircase weak spot.

"The footage was shot shortly following a seismic shift in the vicinity of that apprently exposed the previously hidden torpedo."


P.S. If anyone wants me to send the pictures from the article, Tell me.
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