Margaret Brown

Thank you for your help doing a papper on Mrs. Brown for my college homework. Every thing need to be truthful did not know that the movie was false.
My mother believes she was a nanny on the titanic, because she feels close to it and the Titanic sunk the same day as her birthday. Today, I, a senior in high school, watched the movie for the first time. I saw Molly Brown being acted by Kathy Bates, and heard that she survived two shipwrecks. I felt something with her. Adding to my mothers beliefs, i learned that with reincarnation, the souls always find each other. So my mother and I would of crossed paths at one point or another. Reading this showed me that the day she got married, is the same date as my birthday. September first. Thank you so much for showing me my past. :]
this has helped me learn more stuff for my report on molly brown so how wrote this article thanks....i think molly brown is a really grate woman

Libby 27

I am rapidly becoming obsessed with all things titanic and molly brown and thomas andrews are my fave hero's. Although i do like the captain as he was born on the same day as me! only 161 years before lol!
what else did she do besides survive the titanic??? im dressing up like her and doing a poster about her....i need more info about her childhood....