Margaret Devaney

Andy In

Yesterday i was visiting Holy Name Cemetery and i came upon her headstone. On the headstone there was a person name Kathryn. Who is she? it said on the headstone,
Kathryn A. 1895-1920
J. Joseph O neill 1895-1960
Margaret O neill 1892- 1974.

Does anyone know who Kathryn is? My dad says its Margaret's daughter, but i dont agree with him.


Mark Baber

The headstone is pictured here. Since the year of Margaret's birth is only three years before Kathryn's, it's not very likely that they were mother and daughter. Sisters is more like it, I'd think.

The mystery continues, because (according to Craig Stringer) Margaret was "sister to John, Michael and Mary". Margaret married in 1919 and had 2 daughters, including one called Kathryn, who lived beyond 1920 and both in due course married.
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Kathryn Devaney was Margaret Devaney O'Neill's sister. Margaret actually had eight brothers and sisters, three of whom had already emigrated to the U.S. before Margaret came over on the Titanic/Carpathia.

Michael was the oldest Devaney child, and Catherine and Mary were next. Michael was a groom in John D. Rockefeller's stables in New York.

When the Carpathia arrived, the three siblings were at Pier 54 to meet their sister. After her rescue, Margaret went to live with her sisters on Sixth Avenue in Manhattan.

Helen Landsberg, Margaret O'Neill's daughter, said that Kathryn Devaney died of influenza in 1920 never having married.

I hope this clears up the mystery.

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Michael Findlay
Michael, it looks to me as though you have cleared up the mystery. Thanks for that. Your information presumably comes from Margaret (Devaney) O'Neill's daughter, and/or other family members? Craig Stringer seems to have been correct, but incomplete, with his information on Margaret's siblings.
Hi Tony,

My information does come from Helen Landsberg, Margaret O'Neill's daughter.

Helen told me that all of her mother's nine brothers and sisters emigrated to the U.S. with the exception of her youngest brother John Devaney Jr., who managed the family farm after his parents passed away in Kilmacowen, County Sligo, Ireland.


Michael Findlay
The 1901 Census shows the family ages to be as follows:

father John (40), mother Margaret (38), seven siblings - Michael (15), Mary (14), Maggie herself (12), Kate (10), John (8), Tim (5), Dominic (3).

As I understand it, "Kathryn" was not the above individual's original given name, but "Catherine."
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Somewhere in the Devaney mix were two other brothers: Matthew and ?. Helen said that one of her mother's brothers died young but she nor I have ever been able to track down just what his name was.

Also, one of Margaret's brothers emigrated to the U.S. and after visiting his siblings in New York, he was never heard from again. Margaret never knew what happened to him, and spent the rest of her life trying to find him without success.


Michael Findlay
I'm doing research on Margaret Devaney. If you have any insights or knowledge of her escape or her later life, please share.

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