Margaret Tobin not Brown


EG Lefebvre

Hello, it m often read that after the shipwreck of Titanic, Margaret Tobin Brown or as have likes the surnomer since 1997, Molly Brown, would have said this: ' ' It is the chance of Brown, We are insubmersible '' I find strange which Ca would have said, has less than these words would be invents. After all, it does not even have Brown, her husband, James Joseph, who is Brown, not it, it is Tobin! Why does it have says Ca.? It became lucky by marrying Brown and by taking its name.?

Excuse my English
The comment "That's typical Brown luck. We're unsinkable" may be apocryphal. However I am sure "Molly" did consider herself lucky to be a Brown as the name brought her money and fame.