Marie Eugenie Spencer


André Cabuche

Ms Jenny Marle,

I have just tried to send you a lengthy e-mail with information and some photos on Marie-Eugenie Adnot but I got a reply from the server saying your e-mail address is incorrect. Please reply to my e-mail address with your correct contact info.

Regards . . .

A. Cabuche
Dear André Cabuche,My former e-mail address was hacked a couple of months ago. This is the new one. I am all the more interested in your answer as my grand-father was a Cabuche (Henry-Léon), and my mother the British painter Millicent-Eugénie Cabuche-Croom-Johnson. Marie-Eugénie was my mother's god mother and her great-aunt.
I would be delighted to know about your link with the family.
Looking very much forward to hearing from you

André Cabuche

Ms Jenny Marlé, I am most interested in further communication as Henry Leon was my great uncle and his first wife was Millicent nee Wheeler. Their first daughter was Kathleen and their second daughter was Millicent Eugenie (born 1903). For further info please contact me directly at my e-mail address: andrecabuche.photoarts@telus. I look forward to hearing from you to share more stories.

Marie Eugénie Spencer was a cousin of mine. I am writing a family biography of the Adnot family from which I stem. Any information about Marie Eugénie, how she became an opera singer, how, when and where she met William Augustus Spencer, and where she is burried would be of greatest interest to me. Please contact : Thank you in advance

Arun Vajpey

I realize that Mrs Spencer was not called to any of the Titanic official Inquiries, but would like to see - if possible - excerpts of any interviews that she gave after the disaster. In particular, I want to know anything she said about when she and her husband learned about the collision and their preparations before leaving the cabin, including interaction with any crew member. Eugenie Spencer was rescued on Lifeboat #6 but her husband William Spencer stayed behind on the ship and was lost.