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Marie Young's Chickens

Discussion in 'Animals on the Titanic' started by Matthew R. Boswell, Jan 23, 2005.

  1. As we know, Marie Young had some french chickens with her, but were they food or pet? I read that she was taken to see them, which makes them sound like pets, but also they were cared for by the butcher. Any info regarding this?
  2. Michael Ridge

    Michael Ridge Member

    I'm guessing Marie Young's chickens were most likely to serve as pets because she visited them everyday during the voyage.

  3. Senan Molony

    Senan Molony Member

    "She remembers that chickens escaped from the kitchen and began running around on deck."

    Survivor Ellen Mockler interview (when a Catholic nun) in the Worcester Telegram, Massachusetts, April 15, 1982.
  4. A book I have on Titanic indicates that Marie Young was not the chicken owner- there may have been several chickens by different owners. One lady wrote of being woken up every morning by a rooster in the hold.
  5. Matteo Eyre

    Matteo Eyre Member

    Would it have been Maxwell or Hutchinson who took her down to visit the chickens?? :)
  6. JB32

    JB32 Member

    Has anyone ever come across any description of the chickens beyond they are fancy and French. Do we know where she got them specifically? Did she get them near Cherbourg?