Marine Accident Investigation Branch Reports into 2002 QE2 incidents

Hi Everyone,

Still kicking myself that I never made onto the QE2. I hope the Dubai deal falls through and she'll be back where she belongs: in this country.

Anyway, I came across the MAIB site last night and see they've been publishing their reports on the internet for some years now. I came across two reports about incidents in the QE2's engine rooms in the Spring of 2002.

The first was a corroded pipe spouting sea water into the aft engine room; a situation that could have led to her drifting powerless with one of her water tight compartments flooded. Nonetheless, the engineers came up with a solution described as 'ingenious' by the MAIB:

The second incident happened only a month later. Two engine room crew were preparing a boiler for survey when boiling hot water poured out of a valve, badly scalding both of them. Sadly, one of the men later died of his injuries.

I recall the engine room flooding incident being reported on the news but I don't recall hearing about the fatality. I note the comments of the MAIB about the age of the ship in 2002 and how safety regulations in place in 2002 did not apply in 1969 or at the time of her diesel engine conversion in 1987.

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