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Maritime Casualties In The News

Discussion in 'Other Ships and Shipwrecks' started by Michael H. Standart, Oct 10, 2006.

  1. From BYM:

    New Zealand. Rena update : Perparing Crane barge Smit Borneo for container removal operations
    More at http://www.bymnews.com/news/newsDetails.php?id=95997
  2. From Yahoo:

    Second air drop for stricken Russian fishing ship
    More at http://news.yahoo.com/second-air-drop-stricken-russian-fishing-ship-224748096.html

    Comment: And this incident highlights one of the major problems for maritime navigation in this part of the world. For all that the entire planet knows about it, these people are still days away from rescue. They might as well be on the Moon.​
  3. From BYM:

    New Zealand. Work continues on Rena over Christmas and New Year break
    More at http://www.bymnews.com/news/newsDetails.php?id=96848
  4. From RIANovosti:

    Cambodia-flagged ship sinks off Sakhalin, three sailors found dead
    More at http://en.rian.ru/russia/20111225/170481654.html