Maritime Casualties In The News

From The Australian Navy Website:

HMAS Broome averts maritime disaster

The men and women of the Royal Australian Navy Patrol Boat, HMAS Broome, successfully prevented an environmental and maritime catastrophe off Papua New Guinea overnight by providing assistance to a commercial container ship, which had lost power and was drifting towards Ragelapra Reef.
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Comment: Well done!​
Since shipwrecks are quintessentially one of the things ET is about, this thread will recieve continued updates, albit in digest form.

From CruiseIndustryNews:
Norwegian Gem Rescues Five from Sinking Sailboat
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From The Canberra Times:
Police investigate ship for marine pollution
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From BYM:
New Zealand. Rena salvors still working round the clock to save the environment
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Comment: First, a hearty well done to the Norweigian Gem for this rescue. As to the second, this deals with the second ship to run onto the bloody rocks off New Zealand. Apparantly, she has a less then steller past.

Regarding the Rena, BYM has a gallary of photos at =1017 which the members may find of interest. I don't know if they'll get the damned thing off the reef intact, but from the damage I can see to the hull, it doesn't take Jimmy Nuetron Boy Genius to see that her next stop will likely be the beaches of Alang.
From BYM:

New Zealand. Weather and tidal conditions made it unsafe for divers

More than 1000 tonnes of heavy fuel oil (HFO) has now been pumped from the stricken container vessel Rena, leaving about 360 tonnes left to be removed from the starboard 5 tank.
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Comment: I sure hope they get this work done before the weather comes in and tries to tear this ship apart.​
Today's Casualties:

From Yahoo:
Passengers flee burning Red Sea ferry; man killed

From BYM:
New Zealand. MNZ Salvage Unit Manager Bruce Anderson said 22 salvors were on board Rena

Comment: The Rena fiasco continues on, but with a reasonable hope of getting the remaining fuel oil off before the weather has a chance to do the ship in.

As to the ferry, if that photo is any indication, she was grotesquely overloaded. It wasn't a factor in the fire but it's nevertheless an all too common happenstance in this part of the world. One has to wonder when the lessons on this are going to start to stay learned.
From BYM:

New Zealand. Work on the “hot tapping” of the starboard tank was also making good progress

Work on removing oil from the engine room of the cargo vessel Rena and onto the tanker Awanuia is progressing well, Maritime New Zealand (MNZ) says.

A pumping operation to remove these oils from a centralised tank on Rena began yesterday afternoon and has continued overnight.
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