Maritime Casualties In The News

I recall a story told by a former member of our board about being a young officer on a Great Lakes vessel. His captain arttully used the arse end of the ship to knock down a light pole right on top of that young man's automobile.

-- David G. Brown
I rather like the story of the Explorer a cruise ship special built with a reinforce hull to take on icefields. Reminds me bit of the Titanic story.
With an experience Baltic icefield captain who used the tactic of ramming the ship out of icefields. However 2007 he came unstuck trying the same tactic with the Antarctic icefield not realising the ice was harder in density result in holing the ship and having to abandon ship. The crew and passengers were open top lifeboats just like Titanic. Their cloths may of been better insulated and those on Titanic, but the temperature was a dam site colder minus 30. They too just like Titanic had to wait for 5-6 hours for rescue and gradually frizzing to death. The relief of seeing the rescue cruise ship must of been the same of those Titanic servers when seeing the Carpathia ship.
The good news all was safe. In the investigation questions were ask why did the water tight bulkheads fail? On inspection of her sister ship. The bulk heads were found not water tight and of would leaked like a sieved due to poor workmanship.

Just add to ship disasters. There is a UK TV documentary current running under Quest. Free view channel 37 Friday night 9.00.
Disasters at Sea. Sorry no Titanic yet!