Maritime Casualties In The News

It's up to 177 rescued as I post this. From

SEMARANG, Indonesia - Fishing boats recovered 66 bodies off Indonesia’s coast Sunday after a ferry carrying more than 600 passengers sank in a violent storm, the state news agency Antara reported.

At least 177 people survived the accident late Friday, the state news agency said.

A fleet of navy ships and fishing boats scoured a large section of the central Indonesian coastline as helicopters and planes took to the skies.
Go to for the rest of the story. It looks to me like the warm waters are helping matters here.​
I'm a bit more concerned about the reports that the ship herself suddenly broke up. Hull girder failures are not unknown in storms, but was this particular storm really that bad?
>>or was the ship badly maintained? <<

In that part of the world, that's a good possibility. Still, even in the worst of storms, ships seldom break up before foundering. At least not without a lot of help. Bear in mind that I'm not suggesting a deliberate act of some kind. Everything that's made it to the media at least points to this event taking everybody by surprise.

Something went badly wrong at some point here. Something that stressed the hull to the point where it gave up the ghost.

>>where is SOLAS?<<

Still on the books as far as I know, but in some regions, a nice pile of cash discreetly handed to the "Right People" is all it takes to make inspectors suddenly go blind.
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High Waves Said to Sink Indonesian Ferry

SURABAYA, Indonesia - High waves crashing over the car deck of a ferry that sank last week with more than 600 people on board likely caused the ship to capsize, a top Indonesian investigator said Thursday.

Similar accidents involving "roll-on, roll-off" ferries have occurred elsewhere around the world, leading experts to call for design changes in the doors and ramps that allow vehicles to drive directly on board.

More than 400 people are dead or missing and around 220 others have been rescued, including the captain of the Senopati Nusantara and 21 other survivors picked up Wednesday, said navy spokesman Lt. Col. Tony Syaiful. The captain is being questioned by authorities at an undisclosed location.

The ferry sank in the Java Sea just before midnight Friday after being pounded by waves up to 12 feet high.
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Comment: The waves were only 12 feet high and the ship sank? Smaller vessels typically deal with worse then that and come through just fine. Something here smells!​