Marjorie Newell photographs

The wind is roaring, beach flooding and 18 inches of snow by morning predicted- so time to hunt up all the photos Mike. I have the one of Marjorie as a girl, the one of her playing the violin also-is that Madeline playing the piano? And the one of her family- these are copies of the prints from the family collection. The site is built and up but am waiting for my child expert to scan the photos- should be done by Sunday night- there are quite a few of Beatrice Sandstrom, Marshall, Marjorie, mr. Navratil, Bertram and Milvina Dean, Frank and Marie Aks, Ake Dubois, Lou Pope and Mrs. Shuman, Mrs. Haisman- and you must have lots too. Send what you have- it will be fun to post them for everybody. Watching my mailbox../shell
Andrew- I will be glad to send you the photos as soon as my kiddo gets home Friday- I have no earthly idea how to use this blasted Microtek scanner- I use it for a popcorn bowl holder! Will be happy to share all the photos with y'all-a great many I have sent to TIS archives but there's some in the house still.
Hi Shell,

Thanks for putting up the new website! Great pictures.

Seeing the material brought back many great memories of Marshall. It's hard to imagine that he's been gone 15 years this June.

Thanks Mike- am still working on it- still a few glitches! Was up until 3 a.m.- it got so exciting. Tonight Hollie and I will start Louise Pope's page- have found some lovely graphics and midi files to go with it and will also be updating and adding on to the current pages. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks!
Frank and Marjorie came to Electric Boat in Groton to tell their stories to a packed ballroom. What a wonderful evening-the only down thing was some items from my display were stolen! 1986 (courtesy, M.A.Findlay)
Top Left to right- Eva Hart, Marjorie Newell, Frank Aks, Michel Navratil, Bertram Dean, Bottom l to r- Ruth Blanchard, Louise Kink Pope, Edith Brown Haisman, and Eleanor Schuman (sp.?)The canvas of the Grand Staircase is now in Fall River Marine Museum. 1986 Wilmington