Marjorie Newell Robb Ninth Anniversary Today

Although she lived to be 103, surpassing her mother by a year- nine years ago today we were stunned and saddened by her death. It was the end of an era -she was the last first-class Titanic survivor, and hers were real memories as she was nearly 20 at the time of the disaster. Many of her stories and anecdotes are already here on the board under survivor stories to share. There are strangers in her little cottage now, and I have not been to Westport since her memorial service, 9 years ago Sunday. I like to think that she is there still, waving from the window with that incomparable smile.

Another beautiful tribute......words can't describe Marjorie's personality. Elegant and graceful, when she passed away, an era truly ended that sad day back in June of 1992.

Thanks for remembering....


Bravo!, I went there immediately, what a thoughtful memorial to Titanic's last living 1st class passenger.

My congrats to you for a fine job....


Trent Pheifer

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That was an excellent memorial to Titanic's last living first class passenger. The page was great, from it I could imagine she must have been a really lovely person to be around, thanks for sharing