Mark Lindsay Chapman

Hello all--

I was just ambling through the trivia page in the IMDB's entry for James Cameron's Titanic, and noted there was a comment about Mark Lindsay Chapman being fired and rehired twice. Anyone know what for, or any of the story behind that? It strikes me as vaguely hilarious for some reason. :D

-Allison L.
Maybe I'm getting my stories mixed up but I heard a story once about an actor called Mark Chapman losing out on a role because he has the same name as the killer of John Lennon. It sounds a bit stupid but I don't know if that's anything to do with it. Probably not. My mind's a bit too cluttered these days.


Yeah, that was Mark Chapman who lost the role of Lennon. I think it might have been Inger Sheil who mentioned that on the board not very long ago. As for being fired and rehired, I have no clue about that.