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Martin's Lusitania Gallery

Discussion in 'Photos Paintings etc' started by Martin Owen Cahill, Jul 27, 2010.

  1. I see, that would definitely put the other posts in perspective.
  2. thank you to who ever has gone back and enabled them :)

    If you can correct the Thread Title to "Martins' Lusitania Gallery" I would be very very grateful. My typo pokes my eyes out everytime I see it.
    Thankyou in advance - Martin
  3. 10 January 1910 two days out of Queenstown in rough weather Lusitania gets hammered by 80 foot rogue wave. I wanted to paint this for ages and prevized it well so when it came to painting it the job was a breeze as I saw it in my head already.
    Ken Marshall is said to have done something similar for the Ballard book but the publishers passed over it.

    The Worst Trip exp.jpg
  4. I hope Jim Kalafus is still out there.
    Keep well everyone.

  5. Great work! I was always interested in this episode of the ship's history.

  6. I don't know what happened to everyone who used to post here in the Lusitania section, but I hope they come back.
  7. Jim Kalafus

    Jim Kalafus Member

    Hello, Martin. I am still around, but just not here. The disappearance of the tree view and simultaneous appearance of people who go by screen names, rather than first name and surname, was my exit music. I dislike the new format, do not want to individually open threads to see what is in them (One of the best features of the departed tree view was you could skim who was saying what to whom) and will NOT talk to or share information with anyone whose true name is not known to me. As you may know, there has been some fairly vile trolling in the last few years, and I do not want to discover the hard way that LUSITANIAFETISH (I made that screen name up) is among my legion of non-admirers. If you are on Facebook, send me a friend request.
  8. Peter Fordyce

    Peter Fordyce Member

    Wow, those are great paintings Martin. I wish I could paint!

    P.s I know I'm commenting 4 years late.
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  9. After a long sojourn I'm back. I have been busy [behind my paintbrush] and look forward to sharing them with you.
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  10. A more recent work is this one from 2016 of the Peel Wander [P11] a Manx lugger becalmed 3 kilometres from where the Lusitania went down. They tried to get closer but only managed to close within 1.5 km of the sinking. The crew took on survivors from the boats that reached them. DSC00069b.jpg
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  11. Back in early 2015 I was struck by the lack of good accurate promotional cross section images for the Lusitania. There was one for the Mauritania [sometimes passed off as the Lusi] but most were for the Olympic and Titanic [interchangeable]. So I decided to make my own. I initially finished it without people but then changed my mind. This is what I came up with. X section Lusi xp.jpg
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  12. Looks really good!

    Love these paintings!
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  13. 14:15hrs
    2015 Out of Control final.jpg
    this was the outcome of a challenge Jim Kalafus gave me some years back.
    Five minutes after being hit the power fails due to lost steam pressure to drive the engines and their systems.
    As the ship begins to recover from her initial 15 degree list there are a serious lost of control of the lifeboats. Capt Turner would order the lowering halted until the ship slows down more.
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  14. DSC05764 F.jpg
    13:20 "Schiff Aus Gemacht!", The Hunt Begins
    The U20 crew first sees a possible target steaming across their bows. The odds are long against a successful outcome yet K.Lt. Schweiger calls "Tauchen!"
  15. Hunting The Lusi [detail]

    Hunting the Lusitania detail mg.jpg
  16. Kurt Urbain

    Kurt Urbain Member

    Nice work dude. Looks like fun. I’ve been on a kick painting the Lusitania wreck lately.
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