Mary Kezia Roberts


Hi, I am the great granddaughter of Mary Keziah Dooley Humphry Roberts.  You have her name written with 2x z. It is infact Keziah. I have a photo of her and the other stewardesses that were with her on the Titanic and the telegram telling my great grandfather that she survived. I was lead to believe she was the Chief 1st Class Stewardess. I also have a weight made for her by one of the engine boys to help her alarm clock to stay upright as she was always late for work. I was also told she was also on the Lucitaina She was married 2nd December 1896 ( PAS. 13417/64 collum 100) Baptist Church St James' Terrace Stapleford, Sawley District Shardlow Leicester, to David  Roberts and inventor of the electric scooter exhibited in the crystal palace exhibtion.  She actually died in 1932 not 1933 (PAS. 26029/64) Her Father Invented Sunlight Soap
I'm Fiona's cousin and was told the same by our grandmother Jean and was also shown the same. The family was also to do with Roberts radios